Monday, October 18, 2010

year 3, what a sucess!

winners for this year are.....

alley cat- jacobo

dropout ride had a foot down derby & hand holding race on the ride

not entirely sure about saturdays events, but rollo, skid competition, & 6 pack chug were super fun! i'm missing some other events :(
thanks dead babies & j-ryde for bringing the party!

ZB races:
party boy

emily b. wings

round the block- gabe
strip foot down- dutch
chicken chug- party boy & college girl
beer chug- cedar
best trick- eliza

this weekend was the most fun, busy, emotional, super hilarious, fulfilling, depressing, ridiculous 4 days i've spent with the zoobomb family in a very long time. it was amazing! i love and cherish all the time i've spent with all my amazing west coast friends. thank you for making it the best!

see you next year!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


turn & face the strain!

Sunday olympics will be moved to Monday.
Munday Funday Olympics at Col. Summer's at 4pm.

tell your friends please!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Friday Oct. 15th
Alley Cat race at 8pm SHARP! meet at Irving Park
Race ends at Col. Summers Park
Dropout Ride leaves at 10:30 to mystery end spot!

Saturday Oct. 16th

Brunch starts at 11am, will go until whenever everyone leaves

1605 SE 33rd Ave. sign on front of house says Skye Blue Can Sew
will be in backyard unless it is pouring rain, then everyone should go
in the front door and come up stairs.

Potluck style, some food will be provided, donations requested

Looking for donations of:

-food stamps for eggs (or eggs themselves)

-disposable or non disposable plates and utensils. OR bring your own stuff, and wash it!

-cooking volunteers

2pm meet at the dead-end of SE Brooklyn St, and SE Gideon St (accessible by SE 12th, or via the pedestrian footbridge off of Brooklyn) for fun time games! bring a mini.

7pm meet at Apex at 12th & Division for drink specials then ride to dirty 30 party! (out near devils' point)

Sunday Oct. 17th

Special Olympics have been postponed.
will be attending a memorial in SE portland.

Zoobomb! meet at the pyle at 9pm.
races! 16", open, skate, G-bike?, and FREAK classes! prizes for some! shame for others.



have some stuff to give away, still want to have some fun..
it's usually well attended etc.. yaddah-yaddah-yaddah..

tell your friends!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Announcing 2010 FBF Dates!

Oct. 15-17, 2010

oh yeah...

i've been approached by a few people with ideas about new things this year should include. yay!
there is a bit of a formula to the weekend, but i am always open for suggestions. some things are also pretty much taken care of too.

friday evening alleycat
ride to end spot for late fun, etc.

morning brunch
day event
PM party

possible 2nd brunch

i switched the dates to a bit later in Oct.

meeting at my house soon! (b/c i don't work at black sheep anymore, eff that.)
monday sept. 13th at 5pm
1735 NE Weidler st.
8|o 92E o29E

if you want to help out:
need alleycat station masters
PRIZES! for alleycat, olympics, and zoobomb freak, 16", open, g-bike and skate.
brunch locations
food! any & all kinds!
BOOZE! booze donations! money to buy cups, then fill with beer from a keg someone has paid for!
press, flyer design, flyer distribution
beg for donations from any and everyone.. ask your boss, or favorite local shop for coffee, bikes, grocery, snacks, books, clothes etc.. if you need proof it's for a real thing, i have a pretty cover letter/request thingy with my name & cause on it and junk.. heh.