Monday, June 28, 2010

Announcing 2010 FBF Dates!

Oct. 15-17, 2010

oh yeah...

i've been approached by a few people with ideas about new things this year should include. yay!
there is a bit of a formula to the weekend, but i am always open for suggestions. some things are also pretty much taken care of too.

friday evening alleycat
ride to end spot for late fun, etc.

morning brunch
day event
PM party

possible 2nd brunch

i switched the dates to a bit later in Oct.

meeting at my house soon! (b/c i don't work at black sheep anymore, eff that.)
monday sept. 13th at 5pm
1735 NE Weidler st.
8|o 92E o29E

if you want to help out:
need alleycat station masters
PRIZES! for alleycat, olympics, and zoobomb freak, 16", open, g-bike and skate.
brunch locations
food! any & all kinds!
BOOZE! booze donations! money to buy cups, then fill with beer from a keg someone has paid for!
press, flyer design, flyer distribution
beg for donations from any and everyone.. ask your boss, or favorite local shop for coffee, bikes, grocery, snacks, books, clothes etc.. if you need proof it's for a real thing, i have a pretty cover letter/request thingy with my name & cause on it and junk.. heh.

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revphil said...

putting the call out where i can.