Friday, October 21, 2016

Freak Bike Fall 2016!

Brunch Off!   is a team competitive Brunch off, make a team and come have fun and share your best brunch item.   Prizes and good stuff to eat.   

Monday, October 12, 2015

FBF15 only a few days away.

A weekend celebration of all things to do with Freak bikes.

FBF Alley Cat
Meetup at Brick building at Col. Summers Park at 6:30pm, Alley Cat starts at 7pm

Dropout Ride
meetup at Col. Col Summers City Park at 9:30, we ride at 10.
This is going to party ride, so come prepared for Music, Bikes, and Fun!

Brunch Off!!!!
clubs/teams/groups battle it out for Best Brunch!
hosted at PAZ(1625 SE Woodward) from 11 til 2pm

Escape from Felony Flats Race
A freak bike cross style race, all bikes welcome. Expect the worst unimproved roads, vacant lots, and big ass puddles. There will be a "group ride leaving from PAZ at 2pm!!!!!".
Ride ends with bar-bq and beer for racers.

Saturday Night Party 7pm @ PAZ
Bands will be starting at 7pm

Nobody's Gal(Alaska)

Skunkles(some of our favorite people in PDX)


Bullets are the Cure(Idaho)

Robots of the Ancient World(PDX)

rest up for Zoobomb!

If you are looking for something to do, we recommend this ride led by Meghan.

Zoobomb Portland 8:30pm
Meet at the Pile

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Freak Bike Fall 2015

A weekend celebration of all things to do with Freak bikes.   We will be posting up more details as they become available.

Alley Cat Race

Dropout Ride
meetup at Col. Col Summers City Park at 9:30, we ride at 10.

Expect to have alot of fun, freak bikes, and sound system

Brunch hosted by PAZ from 11 til 2pm

Potluck style bring what you can.   

After Brunch group ride at 2pm to the start of race.

Escape from Felony Flats Race, freak bike cross style race, all bikes welcome.   Bring a helmet you will need it. 

Saturday night
Party with bands and Tall Bike Jousting, location TBA.


Rest up then Zoobomb Portland

Friday, October 17, 2014

2nd Annual F.B.F. Alleycat - Bloodsport

Friday Before Dropout Ride.

No Entry
Open Class
Haul A$$
Bring a few $'s
Meet @ Expo Center Max Station - 6:30pm - Leave @
7-7:30pm - ish

Thursday, October 2, 2014

7th Annual Freak Bike Fall is upon us.

7th annual Freak Bike Fall 

Thursday night:
Craft Night social at PAZ 7-10pm
1625 SE Woodward.
Bring your own swag, we'll have paint and other supplies.

Dropout Bicycle Club Ride
Col. Summers 9pm, we ride at 10pm!

Brunch hosted by The Sprockettes 11am-2pm
Inner Southeast near 30th and Clinton St.

Ride at 2pm to outdoor games, including-
Trick N' Treat Bike Challenge
Figure 8 Race
Jousting, and more!

Saturday night party meet at Pirate Island at 9pm

Pre-race Noon Coffee-Brunch at PAZ(1625 SE Woodward)
2pm ride to epic freak bike race (RACES NOT AT PAZ).   

Prizes and a truly epic freak bike race.
Freak Bike race: Escape from Felony Flats

Steeple Chase at 8pm. Meet at the pyle.
Tour da Freak Races
Grudge Races (choose your own frienemy, talk a lot of shit, ride fast.)

Awards and Sprockettes performance to follow!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Freak Bike Fall 2013

***Friday night:***
Alley Cat race, meetup 7:30

Dropout Ride
Meetup at 9pm Col. Summers Park SE 20th and Belmont
we ride at 10pm!

***Saturday day:***
Cartoon potluck style Brunch 12-3pm
Location at 1625 SE woodward(aka PAZ)
Main room will have projected cartoons.
We have the basics: French press, large coffee dispenser, microwave, Bar-BQ, and electric skillet.

Freak-Cross Race!
*meet at Brunch location at 2pm, then ride to start at 3pm.
*Bring a helmet! Expect gravel roads, mud, downhills, and pools of water(depth?).
*After race, Awards and Bar-bq at PAZ

Bar-BQ @ 6pm
potluck style
we will have food/drinks, by donation
Live music from folk to doom metal:

Performances by: Rat party, Sons of Providence, Three for Silver, and Sonic Nectarine.

Recover your kidneys


Friday, August 23, 2013

Mark your Calenders! FBF 2013 Oct. 18-20th

Freak Bike Fall Oct. 18-20 2013

More details to come as details come in.

Friday night:
Dropout Ride

Saturday day:
Freak-Cross Race
after race, Awards and afternoon Bar-bq at PAZ

Saturday Night:
Dead Baby Party