Monday, October 18, 2010

year 3, what a sucess!

winners for this year are.....

alley cat- jacobo

dropout ride had a foot down derby & hand holding race on the ride

not entirely sure about saturdays events, but rollo, skid competition, & 6 pack chug were super fun! i'm missing some other events :(
thanks dead babies & j-ryde for bringing the party!

ZB races:
party boy

emily b. wings

round the block- gabe
strip foot down- dutch
chicken chug- party boy & college girl
beer chug- cedar
best trick- eliza

this weekend was the most fun, busy, emotional, super hilarious, fulfilling, depressing, ridiculous 4 days i've spent with the zoobomb family in a very long time. it was amazing! i love and cherish all the time i've spent with all my amazing west coast friends. thank you for making it the best!

see you next year!

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