Thursday, October 2, 2014

7th Annual Freak Bike Fall is upon us.

7th annual Freak Bike Fall 

Thursday night:
Craft Night social at PAZ 7-10pm
1625 SE Woodward.
Bring your own swag, we'll have paint and other supplies.

Dropout Bicycle Club Ride
Col. Summers 9pm, we ride at 10pm!

Brunch hosted by The Sprockettes 11am-2pm
Inner Southeast near 30th and Clinton St.

Ride at 2pm to outdoor games, including-
Trick N' Treat Bike Challenge
Figure 8 Race
Jousting, and more!

Saturday night party meet at Pirate Island at 9pm

Pre-race Noon Coffee-Brunch at PAZ(1625 SE Woodward)
2pm ride to epic freak bike race (RACES NOT AT PAZ).   

Prizes and a truly epic freak bike race.
Freak Bike race: Escape from Felony Flats

Steeple Chase at 8pm. Meet at the pyle.
Tour da Freak Races
Grudge Races (choose your own frienemy, talk a lot of shit, ride fast.)

Awards and Sprockettes performance to follow!

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