Monday, September 24, 2012

Rough Draft of FBF 2012 Weekend

Annual weekend event focused around Freak Bikes. Prizes, Fun, and this year with more freak bikes. Friday: **North Freak Alley Cat** ""Dropout Bike Club Ride** Meet at Col. Summers park at 9pm We ride at 10pm -new bike game "Jail break" -synchronized freak bike riding(interested, talk to Dag) Saturday: Coffee Brunch at start of Freak Cross **Freak Bike Cross** Awesome prizes! meetup at 2pm at Clinton City Park(south side) (Contact Brian Sysfail for Q&A) -- Unimproved Road race 3pm - Death race 4pm reconvene at Kenilworth Park at 5pm - Obstacle course 6pm **Dead Baby Bikes Party** TBA at 8pm. Sunday: Brunch Dabe Freakbike Photobooth Zoobomb

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