Thursday, September 22, 2011

Freak Bike Fall 2011

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sysfail.dobc said...

Awe yeah, it's going to be dope.

Here's details in case your not on facebook.

*Alley Cat 6pm(if interested in doing stop talk to Dutch or Sam), meetup TBA, will end at Dropout Ride meetup.
*Dropout Bike Club Ride, meet at Col. Summers Park at 9pm and we ride at 10pm to mystery location.
----Bike events during bands(Rabbit's Bike Tractor Pull, Freak Drag race, and more)
----Live music at 11 brought to you by the Tall Tour Crew with (Grrrl Friend, Saucy Yoda, Drew Slum, White Fang, The Wrong Kind, Feral Pigs)
----at 1am prepare to dance with disco lights and all that jazz.

*11am to 2pm Brunch at Irondelles Ashley's, it's her Birthday too. SE 39th/Taylor.
*4pm to 10pm Block Party with bands and beer host by Dead Baby BC.
*10pm ride to Afterparty

Freak Bike Olympics & Bar-BQ
*2pm under Marquam Bridge on SE side next to Hawthorne
Show off your projects, bar-bq, and fun bike events
*8pm Zoobomb!
*After races, movie at Elephant House hosted by Ashley.