Saturday, August 22, 2009

FBF II MEETING thur 8/27 @7pm

it's that time... i forgot i have to start doing stuff for this, and i need your help!

meeting is @ black sheep 7pm thur 8/27 that's less than 1 week away!

i highly encourage members from Irondelles, North Freak and Dropouts come to the meeting & be your representatives.
i want a big collaboration this year! more fun! we all know this weekend can get a whole ton better..

i'd also like to invite all the other fucking rad builder's and idea peoples we know to attend, help us make things, and participate.
i know you guys have ideas and things you wanna see happen. do it better!

event calender. kinda same layout? switch events some days? got new ideas?
possible oregon manifest collabo/participation.

friday- alleycat, contests, MMR.

sat.- breakfast, bike endo?, would anyone play polo? rollo?
mini bike derby, deth trak WE NEED A BUNCH MORE SHIT THIS YEAR. i'm in search of people/groups who want to build a single obstacle then join all of them at the location. making it a real deth trak!
party, we need beer & location! you-know-where-house pretty please?

sun: breakfast, olympics, jousting, zoobomb.

need: trophies as always. prizes, $, food, ass, titties. i have donation request letters written up that need distributing. the press release coming soon.

it's gonna be great! start builing a new freak bike, or a trophy. FBF 2.0 will be amazing!

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