Thursday, October 9, 2008

i'm on!!!!

everyone has been really excited. which makes me really excited!
we've got team canada & team seattle coming! top bike builders, families & all sorts of shit.

so now we're down to the final 2 weeks and i need to ask favors, and make you all give me stuff & help & clean.

wait! come back! keep reading!! it'll still be fun... promise! ....hello? anyone still there?

fri oct 17th
alley cat needs another 1 or 2 stations.
dutch & b-lo have 2 station ideas.. and we need prizes.

the bike beauty contest will be judged on the following criteria: conformation, welds, paint, and overall creativity. i have 2 judges already... and they're awesome.
we also need prizes for the beauty contest and best costume. and score cards. 1-10 on index cards on a ring... do it!
justa- is blessing us with something rad for the best costume prize.
tiago- is making something snazzy for the most beautiful freak bike.

N. freak is bringing lances & cones.
then we go party & dance.

sat. oct 18th
brunch is going to be at ? marc's house. BUT no meat can be served there. so unless you damned carnivores come up with a better spot... it's there.
polo location is at alberta park... tall bike competitors may need mallets. jus' sayin.
the workshop is at dutch's house. (that's why breakfast is at your house on sun. instead)

bike derby starts at 8pm. we need cones and vests. can whomever brought them during MBS please bring them again? or contact me?
DEATHTRAK needs some explaining. pay attention.
this is to be one of the most brutal events ever. chariot wars is for girls. yup. cause i won. ha! no really... i want carnage, weapons, SAFETY GEAR, fireworks, food, liquids, and awesome. ya heard? this is an individual event. there will be a tiered competition. heats will go, then winners square off in the end. someone may go to the hospital.
we need old matress's, cardboard boxes, pallets, safety barrels, real barrels, food, edible or not, smoke bombs, roman candles, flares.... whatever.
skye-the obsticle course will be worked into DEATHTRAK.
FBF LLC. assumes no responsibility for said event, occurences, injury and entered contestant assumes all liabilities.

then we'll go party. which i don't know where yet. i'm deciding. and we need beer.

sun. oct 19th
brunch is at dutch's house.
special olympics are under the hawthorne bridge.

mini bike track stand comp. slowest tall bike, tall bike musical chairs, blind chopper switch off, tall bike pile-on, open flag race, egg & spoon race.
we need some canned beverages, a stopwatch, a dozen hard-boiled eggs, cones, blindfolds, & 7 prizes.
chain reaction is performing. yay! sorry sauce, that you have to leave work and then go back after you're done. you can kick me in the shin.

at night we meet at the pyle and have tall bike bad-ass challenge. JK!
races will be open class, 12", 16", g-bike, skate, chopped/chopper, chariot & tall bike.
best in each class will compete for the best in show!

then we go party at lego land!


Anonymous said...

Can't figure out the schedule... is there a simple list with time/place indicated?

emwings said...

it was posted a little further down the page. check the new post with more clearly listed locations.