Friday, September 12, 2008

schedule is up!

meeting last night was great. 10? people showed up... thanks everyone. we nailed the schedule down. some locations may change but... mama hope you like.

fri oct 17th 2008 at 9pm
meet at fremont park, 7th ave & NE fremont
-costume contest
-bicycle beauty contest
then N. Freak & Dropout ride to
then mystery dance party!

sat oct 18th 2008 at 11am
-brunch (NE location TBA)
-ride to bike polo at alberta park. minis, reg. bikes, tall bikes, choppers, chariots invited.
-ride to freak bicycle building workshop at N. Freak hdqs.

------------rest time------------

8pm at NW 405 underpass
-mini bike (roller) derby
-death track
-tall bike obsticle course

--------go eat food------------

11pm dance Party! (location TBA)

sun oct 18th 2008 at 11am
-brunch (SE location TBA)

2pm Freak bike olympics

-mini bike track stand competition
-tall bike musical chairs
-slowest tall bike race
-tall bike pyle-on
-blind chopper switch-off
-open flag race soda (beer) chug
-egg & spoon race

--------rest and food time---------

9pm meet at the (new?) pyle, then on to the hill!
10:30pm races:
-open/family, 12", 16", g-bike, skate, chopped/chopper, tall bike, chariot
-best in show (top 3 from all classes) fastest freak bike ever! race
-on to lego land for closing ceremonies & dance party fun!